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Home of the Month
1047 13th St N seemed to appear out of nowhere a couple of years ago. It had been there for many years, but it was easy to ignore. It was badly overgrown, the front porch had been enclosed to make a closet of a front room, and the front door moved to the side of the house. The inside gave a new depth of meaning to the 60’s term “funky”. And the outside echoed the decaying hippie theme.

Just how “funky” was the inside? Walls had been added and others removed. What had been the living room had morphed into a bedroom and the front bedroom was now a bath. Little remained of the 1920’s bungalow layout. But that was exactly the type of house Greg Rodda was looking for, for himself and his two sons that live with him half the time.

The end result of Greg’s hard work and vision is a unique mixture of post modern minimalism with select Arts and Crafts period details. He resurrected the front porch but with a bit of a modern twist. This he offset with period designed doors and side lights, thus returning the entrance to its original location. Inside he removed walls and 60’s wallpaper that was, well, colorful! In its place is a two bedroom, two bath bungalow with a huge open L shaped space that combines kitchen and dining/living rooms. Greg owns Concrete Ideas, a company that uses concrete in many creative ways including countertops. Most of the work on the house he did himself as well as making some of the furniture.

The end result is a space that reflects his style of living. But, as the pictures show, it could also be a showcase for his work and creative talents.

If you would like to nominate a neighbor or even yourself for Home of the Month, please contact us at: Amy Rettig jjrettig@tampabay.rr.com  or Beth Lindenberg at ehlind@verizon.net

You can nominate a home for recognition as Home of the Month at www.espna.org, or you can email Amy Rettig jjrettig@tampabay.rr.com or Beth Lindenberg at ehlind@verizon.net. If you know the name of the homeowner, that’s a big help, but it’s not necessary. You may just nominate the address; they’ll take it from there.

We try to honor homes throughout the entire neighborhood over the year, and to recognize extra effort put into exterior sprucing up such as painting or landscaping, as well as rehab or restoration to the interior, which are not always evident from the outside. That’s just one reason we appreciate suggestions. You may even nominate your own home!

When a home is selected, Amy and Beth contact the residents and get permission to photograph the house for publication in the newsletter, with some pertinent info about their home, then write the newsletter column and place the “traveling” Home of the Month sign in the honoree’s yard.

Every homeowner who keeps up and improves the appearance of their own property contributes to the overall charm of the neighborhood and helps us all maintain and improve our property values. Most notable are the homes that start a “domino effect”  inspiring improvements to homes and yards around them - So keep up the good work and send your suggestions for Home of the Month to Amy or Beth.

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